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Exsymol is a relatively famous company in Europe, and engaged in the research, production and sales of cosmetic raw materials. This company was created in 1970 by Mr Gana and Miss Sagan. In 1972, its headquarter was moved to the Monaco, where is a big park on the beautiful blue color seacoast in France south. All the departments of Exsymol are settled on a 6000m2 surface in the Principality of Monaco. The materials produced by Exsymol are marketed, directly or through 35 distributors in most regions of the world: Europe, Northern and Latin Americas, South-East Asia and Far-East Asia... Exsymol employs 50 people of technical teams. They are all outstanding pharmacist, Chemistry Engineer, Biological Engineer and commercial talented people. They are full of vigor and vitality with advanced creativity and rigorous scientific attitude.

Company objective: The technology of biochemistry and pharmacology is applied into scientific research and the production of the cosmetics. 

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