MERCK 德国默克

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The cosmetic industry is constantly looking for new effects and possibilities to create eye-catching cosmetic products.

Merck'goal is to optically attract consumers. But cosmetic products also need to provide benefits such as skin caring proper- ties or ease of application.

As a supplier of a wide range of cosmetic raw materials, understanding customer needs is a key factor in our success. We are committed to providing innovative products and excellent support, and to be an important partner to our customers in the cosmetic and personal care industries. To achieve this we invest heavily in Research and Development. The results are attrac- tive products from which cosmetic manufacturers can benefit.

Apart from ingredients that impart color and lustre effects such as pearlescent pigments, formulation enhancing ingredients such as functional fillers are being used in cosmetic applications. They are able to improve skin feel, application properties, skin adhesion and processing characteristics of finished products. 

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