Schülke & Mayr GmbH 德国舒美

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Schülke & Mayr GmbH is a chemical and pharmaceutical company. Our products and services protect people and materials against infection and contamination.

Today, more than ever, germs cross borders. Their existence is dangerous, but not as dangerous as the underestimation of their threat to people and material. Taking precautions plays a special role. Preventing contamination and infections is far easier than combating them. schülke is fighting diseases and contamination before they emerge. For this we offer innovative technologies, highly effective products and expert support services.

Our company philosophy is based on a total quality concept that not only considers the quality of our products in the sense of effective product formulas, but one that encompasses a vast array of dimensions; such as: workplace safety, environmental manage- ment and leadership and cooperation in our quality concept.

The demand for total quality at schülke creates more than economic success. This concept is responsible for a sustainable contribu- tion to the environment and society.

Our goal is the continual improvement of products, processes and services in order to ensure economic success, customer satisfaction and corporate social responsibility. 

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