SK Bioland 韩国百朗德

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Under the philosophy of ‘Nature, Science & Life’ ever since 1995, Bioland has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of Korea for cosmeceutical actives, nutraceutical actives and pharmaceutical ingredients with over 200 kinds of products. Beseids, Bioland Ltd. has the ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485, GMP certificates and patents in Korea, US and Japan.

Bioland operates 6 R&D center & branches and has a strong network with national institutes and universities studying various fields related to health and beauty. Bioland’s highly educated and experienced R & D continues to pursue greater discoveries and apply them to produce active ingredients such as botanical extracts, fermented products and bio-synthetic products for our international clientele.

Opening up infinite possibilities with the professional workforces and cutting-edge technologies, Bioland, is pouring ceaseless efforts into developing more bountiful life of human being. 

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