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Founded in 1988, joined SEPPIC in 2013, BiotechMarine is a high tech laboratory, specialising in the research and marketing of natural bioactive substances extracted from seaweed and marine plant, located on the north coast of Brittany in France, near to the Brehat archipelago, one of the most remarkable seaweed production sites in the world.

For nearly 20 years now, our values remain innovation, safety, efficiency, sustainable development and biodiversity protec- tion. Developed 2 main technologies, including plant extraction used for the wild and cultivated seaweed and plant and the new Hi-tech technology of stem cell culture in order to obtain high concentrated and high efficacy actives, and now this technology has been further extended to the culture of seaweed’s cell.

Today, we provide more than 60 high-tech marine actives, offer endless possibilities to your skin & hair care products. 

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