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Nanotech Co., Ltd. was established as a venture company in 1999 by five scientists from “Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology”. It had been merged by ABC Group, Korea in 2003 and changed the company name as “ABC Nanotech Co, Ltd.”.

Now, ABC Nanotech Co., Ltd. has three plants in Daejeon, Boryung and Incheon, Korea and a R&D center in Deajeon, Korea. For more than a decade it has developed lots of cosmetics and industrial materials, using its unique and advanced nanotechnology, specialized Sol-Gel technology and coating technology.

Eventually, the NanoSilver of ABC Nanotech Co., Ltd. was designated as a standard material by OECD, in 2009.

As for the cosmetic materials, we have three products categories, spherical silica powder, spherical silicone resin powder and metallic pearl inorganic pigment. And now, thanks to the reliable quality and affordable price, our cosmetic materials are widely used by many world famous cosmetic manufacturers. Although our current major markets are USA and Europe, we regard the China market as a high potential emerging market and accelerate the cooperation with Chinese cosmetic customers.

ABC NANOTECH has been expanding its technology to polymeric materials. In 2011, ABC NANOTECH developed silicone elastomer- powder named ELASPHERE, which has the softest touch feeling. Because of its excellent feeling, new customers in Europe and America have already start new project with ELASPHERE. 

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