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For more than 130 years, Germany based ICHTHYOL-GESELLSCHAFT, our independent, family-run pharmaceutical company has been manufacturing successfully unique raw materials from highly sulfuric and organic matter rich limestone under the umbrella term of ICHTHYOL® substances for use in dermatology and dermocosmetics. Our different ICHTHYOL® substances are from natural origin: In the French Jura Mountains our subsidiary “Les Mines d’Orbagnoux” is situated on the side of a lushly forested mountain amidst scenery shaped by wine-growing beside the river Rhone. Deep inside the mountain we obtain the beautifully layered rock which contains the reminders of a primeval, tropical lagoon.

The fossil remnants of phytoplankton are made available as (“organosulfur”) oil which is unique in the world with its content of up to 15 % of organically combined sulfur. Further produc- tion takes place on the border of the Karwendel National Park in Austria. In a GMP compliant environment high grade ICHTHYOL® PALE is made, among others, from the French oil for use in cosmetics. In Hamburg, the green metropolis of the north, we combine
all important business functions as manufacture and control of finished pharmaceutical preparations, R&D, marketing and distribution. Commitment and dedication of more than 60 employees in three different countries contribute to our positioning as reliable provider of skin problem solutions. 

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