IBR 以色列爱比亚

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Established in 1995, IBR Ltd is an R&D company, developing, manufacturing and placing on the market innovative and propri- etary natural active ingredients and concepts for the cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical industries.

IBR combines cutting edge science, unique application design and the power of nature to create innovative and proprietary natural active ingredients for the beauty industry. IBR products are wellbeing concepts, rather than isolated ingredients, which provide the products incorporating them a wholesome activity. In this IBR gives preference multi-functionality, such that provides a safe, yet effective, overall coverage of the beauty aspect. IBR leads with versatility of the product application range: selected IBR’s technologies may be utilized both topically and for beauty from within, both for instant (optical) and long term (biological effect), both in global anti-aging and in addressing specific dermatological phenomena.

IBR embraces a sustainable approach to its R&D and operation, choosing processing methods that maintain the natural source’s inherent properties, offering ECO oriented alternatives and keeping close ties with the agricultural, scientific and industrial communities. 

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